1. Here’s a list. 2. Here’s another list

Two things are certain about the New Year for me: (1) it’s a lousy time to make bold resolutions for the year ahead* and (2) the Internet will be awash with amateur futurologists sharing  lists of predictions for the year ahead.

Some lists are better than others. My personal favourite comes from JWT, a perennial over-achiever in the annual prediction stakes. Their list of 100 things to watch in 2011 makes for a fascinating read. My money’s on these hot trends [click image to enlarge]:

Banner Ads Do More

CAPTCHA Advertising

Digital Downtime

Digital Indoor Maps

Group-manipulated pricing

…and, of course, given my former life marketing loo roll:

Tube-free toilet paper

The second list I’d like to share comes from Microsoft Advertising’s own Chris Maples, and documents a dozen key trends that will shape the UK Online Advertising industry. Well worth a flick through; items 5, 6, and 7 are particularly close to my heart.

Now get back to keeping that New Year’s Resolution not to spend all day reading long lists of predictions…

* This year, I resolved not to waste money on things I don’t really need. Then I went shopping.

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