Hi, I’m Allister Frost. I’m the founder of Wild Orange Media and the former Head of Digital Marketing Strategy at Microsoft. This blog is the home to my thoughts, reflections, and observations on the changes the marketing world is going through as we shift from shouting out advertising messages to engaging in a two-way conversation with our customers. This transformation has come about thanks to technology which has given each of us a global platform to share our views and opinions, be this on Facebook, Twitter, or any other online channel. This change has profound implications for marketers; we’re no longer in control of the message and need to adapt to a new world where consumers are in the driving seat and where everything we do is open to immediate scrutiny.

These are exciting times for the marketing industry. Never before have we had so much opportunity to tell the world why our products and services are great. And never before have consumers had so many ways to tell us exactly what they think. It’s a power shift that can never be undone; now consumers have been given a voice businesses and governments have to learn to listen, respond, and adapt. The challenge is huge; the potential rewards are immense.

Please share your thoughts and observations with me, either through commenting on posts or contacting me directly through this site. Now, go and enjoy the ride.

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