Introducing Internet Safety School for Parents and Carers

Our mission here at Wild Orange Media has always been to help everyone benefit fully and safely from all the good things that our digital world has to offer.

Yet one of the greatest threats we see in our internet-fuelled world today is to the safety and wellbeing of children.

Left unattended, with unrestricted access to the internet, a child has little hope of protecting their innocence. It’s only a matter of time before they are exposed to scenes that used to be kept firmly out of the reach of prying young eyes. The internet is wonderful thing, but very little of it is truly suitable for children.

That’s why our company citizenship programme is firmly focussed on making the online world a safer place for children. But instead of working directly with children, we’ve chosen to give our time to educate parents and carers about the dangers their children may face online. Over the years we’ve given dozens of talks at schools and community venues and we’re really pleased to now share some of the slides we talk through at our brand new ‘Internet Safety School.’

But there’s one thing we’d like you to do to help. If you understand how parental controls and restrictions work on popular devices like PCs, Macs, smartphones and gaming consoles, why not help out a friend by giving them advice or offering to set things up for them? Or how about simply having a conversation with someone you know to find out if there’s more they could do to keep their children safe online? Your help could make a huge difference to a child’s life.

If you’d like to know more about our ‘Internet Safety School’, please visit our company page in LinkedIn. Just hit this link:

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  1. Who knows the most about the Internet? Boys of various ages know more than their fathers, apparently. From your slides, it seems girls just use the Internet to post pictures of themselves looking cute, and to chat with boys looking for love..

    Please cast an eye over your slides, with a thought about how it represents the genders, and see if you can’t fix the balance a little. It isn’t blatantly sexist, by any means, but there’s room for improvement.

    • Hi Julian, thanks for your feedback. I think the gender misrepresentation you observed arises from your interpretation of the slides, not from our intended message. All data presented on the early slides relates to ‘all children’, not to just boys or to just girls, as stated in the source footnote on each slide. We chose to use an image of a boy to be representative of the different age ranges, not to depict a specific gender. And we decided not to alternate between images of boys and girls to avoid causing confusion about which gender was being represented. I don’t quite understand your assertion that the slides imply that girls use the internet in a certain way but presume you may have misinterpreted the intention behind the Chatroulette and SnapChat pages.

      You are the first person to have made this observation so we’ll look back at the slides and see if we can make things clearer to eliminate all possible doubt. As stated in my post, these slides were designed to be used at a live presentation in which we give detailed explanations, not just for online only viewing, and I can understand how misinterpretation or confusion could arise when you have only the pictures to view. Thanks again.

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