Free digital marketing advice–my summer gift to you

I had a great summer holiday break, and I hope you did too. Escaping from the world of work and spending time with family and friends helps me stay focussed on what life is really about.

And it’s put me in a really good mood, even if I’m now back in the office putting out fires and juggling client projects.

So, to help spread the love, I’ve had an idea. For a limited time I’ll give up to 30 minutes of free consulting advice over the phone to anyone who needs it. Yes, that’s it, free, no strings attached. But I’ve only a few hours I can give away, so you need to move fast.

To book a call with me, simply click on the image below. The link will only work for the first ten bookings after which my normal consulting charges will apply, so don’t delay!


I look forward to our call!

About Allister Frost

I'm a marketer who helps companies adapt and grow in our digital world. This site is the place where I share my thoughts about marketing, how it's evolving and what great marketers are doing. Let me know what you think.

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  1. Sara & Trevor Berry

    Great email campaign…

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