The Recession-Busting Vending Machine

Are you depressed about the world’s economic woes?

Well, here’s a vending machine that puts a novel spin on bad news.

WP_000326 (1)Spotted at the recently opened Open Data Institute in London UK, this vending machine has been reprogrammed to automatically dispense free snacks every time recession-related terms make the headlines on the BBC News RSS feed.

So now even bad news could be good news for you, if you happen to passing the machine at the right moment. Ingenious!

Snack fans are politely requested to form an orderly queue when the Chancellor makes his next announcement.

Find out more about Sir Tim Berners-Lee and Prof Nigel Shadbolt’s ODI and some interesting free lecture events at

Thanks to Kathryn for giving me a tour, and some recession-busting crisps!

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