How not to do Social Media by Thomas Cook

This is a lesson in how not to do social media marketing. Thomas Cook (the mammoth holiday tour operator) was too wrapped up in itself to spot a glaring opportunity right before its eyes.

Read through the following screenshots from Facebook and keep going to the end where you’ll see the stark difference another travel company’s approach:

Thomas Crooked

Who wins? Both and Thomas Cook (the guy, not the mammoth holiday tour operator).

Need proof? Here’s Mr Thomas Cook enjoying his complimentary Paris holiday, courtesy of

Thomas Cook in Paris

I know which company I’d rather book my next holiday with.

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  1. Great blog Allister – thanks for sharing!

  2. Thanks for posting! Very interesting and helpful because I am writing my thesis for grad school on social media.

  3. This is ridicules & more than likely made up !!! Just to make lowcost look good, they are the worst company for false advertising holidays all inclusive from £99 ??? Yeah right !!

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