Social Media ROI and Life Insurance

treasure chest gold rich moneyToo many business people I meet are still chasing instant returns on the investments they make in social media. This is naive at best; communities take time to create and nurture before eventually becoming self-sufficient.

Perhaps a better way of thinking about today’s investments in social media is to compare it with your life insurance. For 100% of the people I meet, the ROI of their life insurance is currently 0%. But that wouldn’t stop them paying for it; the peace of mind it gives them and their families more than justifies the outlay.

It’s the same, in many ways, for social media. Right now your measurable, provable, ROI may well be zero. But knowing you’re doing something, learning as you go, listening to your customers and meeting any issues head on should be enough to help you sleep well at night.

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  1. Hey friend, please receive my hello and also to thank you for discussing your ideas on this web page. I wound up inside your blog right after researching physical fitness connected issues on Yahoo… guess I lost track of what I had been performing! Anyway I’ll be back once again within the long run to check out your blogposts down the road.

  2. I like your analogy here. As with the majority of online marketing patience is key with Social Media. I think that the best idea is to continue spending a small amount of time on it each day and slowly but surely the results will come.

    • Thanks for your feedback, Mr SEO! You’re right: try something, learn something, try something else, learn something else… There’s no rulebook here, just lots of people trying to work out the winning formula for their unique specific needs.

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