New Digital Marketing Podcast: “The Frost Personality Continuum”

The Digital Marketing podcast logoI regularly listen to The Digital Marketing podcast by Target Internet on my commute to and from work, and recently recorded a guest interview for them which has been released today.

You can download the MP3 of this podcast from here: The Frost Personality Continuum

I recommend: subscribe to The Digital Marketing podcasts if you’re interested in staying abreast of new developments in digital marketing. Daniel Rowles and Ciaran Rogers share a wealth of knowledge in every episode. Sadly, the most recent episode mostly features me talking nonsense. You can subscribe via iTunes, Zune or other popular podcasting platforms. The RSS feed is RSS logo here.

Please share your feedback in the comments below and let me know of any similar podcasts that you’d recommend for your fellow digital marketers.

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  1. I listened to this and wasn’t surprised that I loved it. A few things that really stuck out for me.

    First, I loved the “bi-polar” answer on how companies are struggling with the “jump right in” versus the “let’s control everything.”

    Along those lines, the personality continuum was great as well.

    I think what you’ve done here is highlight something I’ve been thinking about a lot lately which is the disservice of the overly intense focus on metrics…namely that there’s an art to what we do as well.

    One thing that I did question was…you talked about the need for “passionate employees” to be able to blog/speak on behalf of the brand. The question I have is…for a place like Microsoft, what do you do if your marketers aren’t really, truly passionate about the brand/product/vision? My answer is “hire for passion” (I’ve blogged on this in the past), but I think it’s a necessary change that is coming.

    I like the “I’m an expert” feature in Lync. I didn’t know about it, but it made me wonder on your thoughts re: Yammer. I also know the lead social strategist there and I thought you might like to connect with him. Let me know.

    Finally….Klout. As it turns out, my post on Klout went totally viral last week. About 300k reach (according to TweetReach…and that doesn’t include FB, LI, etc.) Still, I’d be curious on your feedback.

    Oh yeah…you’ve given me inspiration to give Quora another shot. I haven’t been in there so much.

    Thanks for pointing it out. You’re a great advocate for the new marketing.

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