How we use Twitter to get answers to questions [infographic]

Thanks to Lee Williams for bringing this one to my attention. Click the image below to reveal a really informative infographic that shows how Twitter users go about getting answers to their questions. No surprises, the more followers you have the more likely you are to get answers to your questions and be happy with the responses. But Twitter really comes into its own when non-followers answer questions, and that’s the golden opportunity area for all businesses who make the time to listen and respond whenever appropriate. As the infographic shows, almost 60% of Twitter users are open to receiving answers from businesses if the quality is as good or better than from their followers.

[click image below to view infographic]
Social Media's Loaded Questions graphic

InboxQ logo

My only complaint about this infographic: the people who produced it have really missed a trick. The logo seems to read InboxQ, but it took me quite some time to track them down online at They have some quite cool technology, but if you’re producing an infographic, be sure to include your web URL, Twitter handle, and some explanation of what you do. Otherwise you’re potentially wasting a huge opportunity to build your brand and customer following.

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  1. Hey Allister-

    Very glad you find the data interesting and thanks for the kind words about InboxQ. You are absolutely right about us not making it very easy for folks to find us via the graphic. That’s something we’ll take into account when we release data in the future.

    Thanks again!

    • Thanks Joe, and you get bonus points for spotting my post and replying ;-) Just been testing your Seesmic Plugin – it’s a pain to install and get working (that’s the fault of Seesmic’s design though) but it looks like a handy service. Cheers.

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