Sunday Times launches The Social List

The Sunday Times Social List logoThe Sunday Times is well known for its annual Rich List. So, what better way to inject a little 21st century than by inventing The Social List, an automated league table that lists the most social-web-connected  people in the world.

Anyone can sign up to join. The Social List takes feeds from Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Foursquare, and you can add as many or few services as you wish.

But, what’s the point of this? Well, truthfully, not a lot. As services like Klout and PeerIndex have proved, it’s near-impossible to accurately measure true online influence. Comparing one person’s online status to another’s quickly becomes more art than science, and so the concept of a structured league table is fairly silly. But, there’s no doubt that this is a clever initiative from The Sunday Times; if there’s one thing social media luvvies enjoy doing, it’s showing off how socially-connected and active they are.

You can take a look at the list and sign up yourself at

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  1. Apparently I am a “Maestro”. They have done a really good job with the interface.

    Thanks for sharing Allister :)

  2. And I’m a “Honcho”, whatever that is!

  3. You are the head honcho of digital marketing at MSFT, so they got that right.

  4. I was a social media “Honcho” yesterday, relegated to “Rookie” today. Such is life, I s’pose. Shows the close-to-worthless value of these kind of things, but – as you say – won’t stop Sunday Times in driving eyeballs.

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