Breakfast at Twitterville: why you should use Twitter


The most common reason people give me for not using Twitter goes something like “why would anyone want to know what I had for breakfast?” It’s one of those beliefs that’s taken on near-mythological proportions, that everyone on Twitter is talking endlessly about what they’ve just eaten while everyone who’s not is clearly more sane for not getting involved.

But, as any experienced Twitterer will tell you, sharing new of what you’ve done is rarely, if ever, valuable information for your followers. Tweeting about some stimulating news or information that you’ve discovered, however, will be of interest to some of your followers. And, because your followers are self-selecting (i.e. they have chosen to follow your Tweets, not because they are a friend but because they find you interesting) there’s a good chance that their interests will match your own. It’s a virtuous circle; you share something interesting, they share something in return. Everybody wins.

If you’ve still not taken Twitter for a spin, give it a second thought. Limiting your social media experience to Facebook will greatly limit the value you get in return. As someone far wiser than me once observed of our online worlds:

“Facebook is where you meet people you know. Twitter is where you meet people you ought to know.”

For more tips on how to use Twitter well, I recommend this excellent article by Michael Brenner who was recently crowned B2B Twitterer of the Year. His ten tips for success are first-rate, especially the last one: ‘Forget the Numbers’.

Whether you’re representing a brand or yourself, adding Twitter to your social media arsenal will reward you with far greater insights and knowledge into the things that matter most to you. You won’t regret it, go Tweet…

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  1. Great post. Good advice.

    What are you thoughts on creating multiple accounts, possibly for different key areas on your life. I had to do that because business, politics, sports, etc. by itself had such a small sampling the total followers that replies or retweets were non existent.

    Good Hunting.

  2. Hi Tim – my view is that you’re one person who can adopt different personas in your life. But you should only need one *personal* social media presence. Anything more could lack authenticity and be confusing for your followers. Sure, if your interests are diametrically opposed (needlework one minute, cage fighting the next…) you might want to think about multiple accounts, but for 99% of people one social media presence is all that’s needed. It’s more real and a whole lot easier to manage and maintain. Your true followers will forgive any off topic chatter as they know you’ll be back with something they like very soon… Do you agree?

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