Mega-list: 50 time-savers for web designers

Smashing Magazine logoTop 10 lists are so old school. These days, top 50 lists seem to be all the rage, and when someone’s invested the time to collate really good things you can be glad there’s 50 of them.

So, here’s a really outstanding list of time-savers for Web Designers from the ever-lovely Smashing Magazine. Many of these sites are now high in my favourites lists. Among my choices: logo to mark up web sites and share with colleagues, although sadly this doesn’t play nicely with Internet Explorer

resizeMyBrowser logo to instantly see what your site may look like on another device

Clue logo for quickly testing the instant takeaways on your site through social network contacts

Unsuck-it logo
…and for deciphering idiot business jargon; I think I’ll be sharing this one with several colleagues!

Get the full top 50 list here.

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  1. Funnily enough I was looking at this yesterday, though I think they need to do Top 30, as I was glazing over when I got past this !
    However, I found Mockingbird to be a fantastic tool to help create WireFrames very quickly.

    Thanks for the info though. Keep it coming.

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