Tipp-Ex Shoot a Bear – viral analysis of the first few days

imageLast week, the BIC Group launched a clever campaign to promote Tipp-Ex on YouTube designed to coincide with the ‘back to school’ period. Looking at the reach figures, it’s been an astonishing success. The teaser entry video, produced by the BUZZMAN agency, has already been viewed over 4.3 million times and shared more than 120,000 times on Facebook. Remarkable results from a little creative thought and some entertaining video work.

Agency Channelship has tracked social media mentions relating to this campaign and picked up more than 6,000 posts, mostly from the USA, even though the video was launched in the UK. The chart below shows how quickly the web responded to the new campaign, a powerful demonstration of potency of sharing-enabled content.

The reach figures are astonishing, especially for such a niche and relatively low interest product. However, my initial concerns about this campaign still stand. After the brief clever appearance of the hero brand there’s little in here that makes me think differently about Tipp-Ex or even invites me to engage more deeply with the brand. I really wish the marketing folks at the BIC Group could have pushed harder and integrated this clever viral work with a longer term engagement strategy. Over 4 million views is remarkable; but how much more valuable could this have been if this had marked the start of 4 million longer term relationships with the brand and BIC’s related products?

If you haven’t yet had a play, take a look at this clever campaign for yourself. Really nice work!:

Clever Tipp-Ex: A hunter shoots a bear, or does he?

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  1. Good post Allister and thanks for the mention :)
    We had the same feeling regarding BIC not being prepared to make this campaign longer. It all looks like it will be a campaign to drive awareness and they will not engage with the audience at all. Pity.
    When you mention :”The reach figures are astonishing, especially for such a niche and relatively low interest product”, companies are starting to realise with this kind of examples that social media is not something that only apply to fun products. There’s always a way to find a twist and make it work, being original. In fact, those products/services that are not very sexy, probably have the most opportunity since no one would see an approach like this coming :)

    • @Fred: Good point, well made! Some marketing principles don’t change: if you’ve got a creative big idea, then you can make almost anything more appealing. Thanks for your comment.

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