Every screen presents an opportunity

imageI love my bedside Logitech Squeezebox Radio. It makes it really easy for me to listen to all kinds of internet broadcasts including my favourite podcasts and radio stations from anywhere in the world. And, because it’s an internet-connected device, I can access it from any web browser to change settings, add stations and apps, even change when the morning alarm will sound.

imageBut it’s the apps that excite me as a marketer. Several smart marketers have already created apps for Squeezebox including Amazon, Facebook and Flickr. And these apps make me more loyal to those brands because it makes it easier for me to find and interact with them.

There are screens everywhere you look these days. And every internet-connected screen is a powerful brand-building opportunity for marketers. Not every brand needs to be on every screen. But the clever digital marketers are working out where their messages need to be and are busy building exciting new ways for consumers to experience their brands.

So don’t ignore those little screens. That GPS sat nav unit, mobile phone, radio or remote control could well be the next big thing your brand needs.

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