e-Book Review: Getting to First Base

Cover of Our Social Media Marketing eBookI recently received a blogger’s review copy of a new e-book from Darren Barefoot and Julie Szabo entitled Getting to First Base. It’s an interesting read for anyone who works in marketing and is taking their first steps into the blogging world or keen to learn what this ‘social media’ frenzy is all about. Among the things I enjoyed were a link to Wikipedia’s list of Internet phenomena, some neat tips for people considering viral marketing, and some simple suggestions on how to increase the readership of your blog. If you don’t know your RSS from your elbow, this could be the book for you.

If, however, you’re a long-time user of social media you’re unlikely to learn a heap of new things. But for everyone else this is an excellent primer if you’d like to exploit the power of networked customers in your marketing endeavours. Give it a read.

The book is available for download from http://www.socialmediaready.com for $29. You can also read some free sample chapters here.

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