October 16th – Unified Communications Day

Hurraaaa! It’s official – the launch of Microsoft Office Communications 2007 will be on October 16th. I’ve been part of the internal testing of our new unified communications (UC) tools for a while now and can honestly say I’ve been really impressed. There’s something magical about being able to make VOIP (Voice Over IP, basically telephone calls made over the internet) to someone directly from an email or their listing in my address book. Suddenly it’s a lot quicker to call someone than it is to reply by email. Which means fewer emails – a very good thing! I also love the fact that I can set my desk phone number to ring on both my PC and my mobile phone, so I can answer wherever I am. And it’s neat to be able to set my working hours so my mobile phone never rings with work calls in the middle of the night. But more than anything, I just love no longer having one of those old fashioned desk telephone things gathering dust and cluttering up my world.
Find out more about Microsoft Unified Communications at http://www.microsoft.com/uc/. Be sure to also check out Microsoft RoundTable and Microsoft’s vision for the way that unified communications will change our world of work. I’m pleased to endorse UC as very useful technology!

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